Smarter for you.
Better for your team.

Introducing Betterment for Business, the award-winning turnkey 401(k) service that includes personalized investment advice for all participants.

Betterment for Business helps you answer the question,
“How can my retirement plan best serve my company and its employees?”

What is Betterment for Business?

Betterment for Business is a revolutionary 401(k) that provides personalized investment advice for all participants.

We use smarter technology to give plan sponsors and participants a better 401(k) experience, from participant advice to a more intuitive interface and mobile access. And because we handle the 401(k) process from start to finish, we’re one of the most efficient and cost-effective providers in the space.

We look out for our customers' best interests. Just like you do for your employees.

Everyone deserves unconflicted fiduciary advice, and we are hard at work building the next-generation service that is making this possible.

Defined benefit plans, or pensions, were once the predominant form of retirement security. We believe that personalized technology, like the kind we are pioneering at Betterment, will resurrect the feeling of “defined benefit” in a defined contribution world.

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Powered by Betterment's smarter technology.

With Betterment for Business, we are bringing our efficient technology and personalized, unconflicted advice to 401(k)s. Now, employers can provide a benefit that’s truly a benefit, and employees can feel confident that they're invested correctly for comfortable retirement. The era of expensive, impersonal, unguided retirement saving is over.

2016 Awards Winner
Category: 401(k) Retirement Plan Support Services Technology.

Award Criteria: A new initiative, program, platform, technology or industry content that will enhance advisors’ delivery of retirement planning services Initiatives can include areas such as educational programs, technology tools, record keeping enhancements, marketing programs, training programs, etc. Criteria include both quantitative measures, such as specific feature set, usage, potential, scope, scale, etc. along with qualitative measures such as innovation, creativity, new methodologies of delivery, etc.

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